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Listed Subsidiary Company
Stock Code: 600057

「Investment Sectors」

Integrated Financial Services


Integrated Financial Services

Charged with the responsibility of “promoting industry growth, invigorating assets and supporting life dreams”, we are striving to build a “XMXYG financial ecological circle”. We are committed to providing customers with convenient, efficient and high-quality financial services and achieving win-win cooperation with all stakeholders. To this end, we will develop financial business platforms by consolidating internal and external industry resources and financial resources.

Core Subsidiaries

Xiamen XMXYG Jinxiang Holdings Group Co., Ltd.
Building an ecological finance conglomerate leading in industry-finance integration

Xiamen XMXYG Jinxiang Holdings Group Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of XMXYG, focuses on three major business segments – industrial finance, consumer finance, and asset management. On the one hand, it serves the development of XMXYG in all related industries, promotes industry-finance integration, and provides diversified financial solutions and value-added services for upstream and downstream industry chain clients. On the other hand, through joint ventures, collaboration, introduction and transplanting, it creates conditions for serving the financial innovation of the free trade zone and for connecting domestic and overseas financial markets. The ultimate goal is to “build an ecological finance conglomerate leading in industry-finance integration”.

Integrated Financial Services

Integrated Financial Services